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Creativity for your bussiness

Creativity for your bussiness - LemB

The Lemb agency give your shop bussines retail the opportunity to have the correct item for your market .

With an office based on Italy and permanent staff by supplier we have the oportunity to realize collection studied for your area customer and focused more on the fashion and stile appreciate more by your customer .

The head office based in Guagzhou and the staff will follow all process of production request and customized , importation documents and deliver to your door company .


A full service for a fantastic experience of overseas bussines .

This is LemB.it

We care of you

We care of you - LemB

All processes of realization are followed by the italian side of LemB 

but you will be always the focus point 

giving you constant update of processing , and customizing the item for the best armonious exeprince of importing the best italian production .

 - LemB

 - LemB